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The Incubator Project

What Does It Involve?

**New Prices for 2022**

Nore Valley Park began the School Incubator Project in 2014, proving to be tremendously popular, we now provide our educational programme to almost 100 schools per year, across 12 counties. Due to popularity, this project is now offered to:


The Incubator Project is a simple 4-week process. An incubator will be delivered to the school/nursing home with seven fertile eggs which were laid by hens on our farm, and we will supply a short educational talk through the use of a video about the development and life cycle of a chicken and the hatching process that you can play in your premises.

We will come out to check the eggs and make sure everything is okay during the incubation process, and will be on call 24/7. It is a great chance to learn about the life cycle of chickens and take ownership over the eggs and chicks once they have hatched.

The project does have a fee starting from €275, which covers at least three visits by us, the educational talk,  insurance and equipment maintenance costs. This fee is based on the distance from our farm to your premises in order to make it as fair as possible for everyone.

For participants within 50 km radius of the farm we charge €275, for participants 51-80 km away we charge €300, for participants 81-120 km away we charge €325 and for participants more than 120 km away we charge €350.

* For pricing, we use Google Maps to calculate the fastest route from our farm to your school, and determine cost according to the kilometre distance on the fastest route. *

By taking part in our Incubator Project, we offer a discount on guided school tours of the farm OR a discount on a visit from our Mobile Farm van.

If you would like to be considered, or if you have any questions about the School Incubator Project, please contact Gareth or Daria on (056)7727747 or


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